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Cast-in-Situ Concrete Worktop Process

As one of the very few companies that specialise in creating Concrete Worktops and outdoor kitchens that are cast in-situ and hand trowelled on site, we have developed our own special processes over the years. Here we will explain this process so you have an understanding of the timescales and requirements.

1. Formwork: Constructing the formwork (mould) on top of the kitchen cabinets (in-situ), will take approximately seven days (on-site) depending on the complexity and size of your project.

2. Concrete Pour: Once this is constructed the concrete will be mixed and poured on-site and hand troweled the same day. 

3. Initial Curing: It will then be covered with a thin plastic film and left to cure for 10 days. 

4. Striking Formwork: After 10 days the formwork (mould) and the plastic film will be taken off and blankets will be provided to protect from dust and to keep the worktop warm and cosy. At this stage the concrete is very vulnerable to moisture and staining until it is sealed.

5. Final Curing: It is left cure for a further 10-18 days.

6. Polishing & Sealing: The worktops will then be polished and sealed. This process takes approx. 2 days. 

Our concrete worktops cost from £1,000 per square metre fully installed.  If you would like more information on our concrete kitchen work surfaces or would like an immediate quote, please get in touch.

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